10 New Year Tips To Accomplish Peak Health And A Fulfilled Life
10 New Year Tips To Accomplish Peak Health And A Fulfilled Life

By Malla Reddy Narayana on 24 Dec, 2021

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The new year is just around the corner, bringing with it yet another opportunity to finally bring your life on track and become the version of yourself, you always wanted to be. We at Malla Reddy Narayana are here to be the Santa of your life, bringing to you the gift of awesome 10 new year tips to help you take your life to the next level! These aren’t that orthodox advice that just looks good on paper but are extremely practical and you too will enjoy implementing these in your daily life!

1.) Exercise daily: No, don’t worry we are not going to tell you to fix a routine and go to the gym and all the orthodox advice, rather what we advise you is to play some sport daily, even 5 mins of freestyle boxing can make you sweat like running a marathon, or playing badminton can skyrocket your agility and not only that, it has been scientifically proven to train your mind to be hyper-focused and always alert, these are just some examples you know what’s the best for you so try out some sports this year, this might prove to be the best decision you ever made!

2.) Meditate: Now this might be the most boring word for the masses but trust us, even sitting peacefully for 5 minutes and focusing on your breath in that time can protect you from the most complex of mental problems like chronic anxiety and depression, and not just that meditation improves your memory, helps you maintain your cool in the tensest situations and so much more so why not give it one shot?

3.) Drink Surplus Water Daily: Yes, it’s always advised to drink at least 8 glasses (3.7 Lites) of water every day, it’s scientifically proven that balanced water intake every day can provide valuable benefits like reducing the risk of kidney stones, preventing constipation, weight loss, and improved physical fitness.

4.) Reduce Screen Time: Now this is the point that our elders have always pointed out and they were right, reducing the average daily time you spent on screen can help you prevent most diseases like Type-2 Diabetes, Insomnia, and Obesity, which have become the most widespread diseases in India.

5.) Getting Ample Sleep: Sleep is the most sacrificed activity in today’s fast-paced world, untimely and poor quality sleep can devastate one’s life whereas getting proper sleep daily has invaluable benefits like decrease in stress levels, an elevated mood throughout the day, sharp memory, and a robust immune system, so why not take a break and give your body the sleep it deserves!

6.) Having A Balanced Diet: This point can’t be stressed enough, we are literally what we consume and the increase in diseases is simply the result of poor eating habits of the masses, the modern world favors packaged food and junk food is everyone’s first thought when they feel hungry, having a simple diet plan can bring about miraculous changes in one’s life, even the most successful entrepreneurs when asked about the pillars of their success, they never get tired of stressing over the importance of a balanced diet.

7.) Spend Time With Nature: Living in today’s concrete jungle we are missing out on the most precious and closest friend we have i.e. nature, spending 10-15 minutes sitting peacefully in nature without any distraction can bring miraculous benefits to your well being and once you experience this first hand there is no going back!

8.) Smile More! : We all are conditioned to reserve happiness for special occasions and accept monotony as the default living state but this is wrong, the magical benefits of a smile are too less to be explained in one paragraph, It not only benefits you but everyone around you and people you interact with, a smile can literally change one’s day, so why not smile a little more, coz you look beautiful having that pretty smile on your face 😉.

9.) Sit with your family: It’s ironic how we all work every day to make the lives of our loved ones better and more comfortable yet we get engrossed in the work so much that we forget why we even started working in the first place, your family doesn’t want you to give 24 hours of constant attention but your complete presence for just 30 minutes make their day more blissful and what more do we need. Rember – “The greatest need of a human is the need to be needed!”, so let’s stop giving our time to people who don’t value it and start spending more time with people who cherish every moment with you.

10.) Get full body check-ups annually: We generally have a very peculiar habit of “If the thing is not broken, it doesn’t need to be bothered about”, but this is a very bad habit. Even the deadliest of the diseases can be very easily cured if caught in their early stages, and for that, we at Malla Reddy Narayana are here to assist you with everything you will ever require so that you and your family can sleep peacefully knowing that there is no disorder lurking in the dark.

Now what kind of a Santa doesn’t give extra! So here it is, a bonus tip from the lives of the most elite achievers in the world that you can integrate from today itself and reap its phenomenal benefits for life!

Include binaural beats and Affirmations in your early morning ritual, affirmations are positive messages recorded by one person with a very specific background frequency tune so that it reaches directly to your subconscious mind, and which interns start guiding you towards your goals while you sit back at awe just observing how even the most impossible things are now getting aligned for you!

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