6 Amazing New Year’s Resolutions For A Successful And Fulfilled Life
6 Amazing New Year’s Resolutions For A Successful And Fulfilled Life

By Malla Reddy Narayana on 24 Dec, 2021

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The time of the year has finally arrived yet again where people take up a lot of resolutions with a hope to improve their lives, many fall short of their own promises they make with themselves but not you! We are here to make sure that you stick to your resolutions, and we are here with a bunch of exciting and unique resolutions to help you break the stereotypes and take your life to the next level.

1 ) Turn up the positivity with affirmations: No human on this earth hasn’t been troubled by his/her negative thoughts unless you are a monk. Usually what we do is try to argue with their thoughts and intern get even deeper into this never-ending pit of chaos, but we have a better solution for you that has been tried and tested on a lot of people and have produced miraculous results and that is using affirmations, they are the positive sentences spoken by someone else and recorded with very specific frequency playing in the background, that gradually changes the negative self-talk that goes on within to the conversations of the achiever and it’s correctly said “We are what we think we are”, so turn up the positivity and rock your life this new year!.

2) Meditate Daily: Mental health is the most ignored aspect of human health and hence it’s the mind which makes us suffer the most, but we know it’s the most boring thing to do so we have an awesome way to meditate that you will love and would be excited to do every day! That begins with your favorite playlist, yes you heard right it starts with music, now the steps to the meditation go as follows, play your favorite playlist and listen to the songs without getting the memories attached with the song coming in between, just like seeing the traffic as a third person where you aren’t bothered if there’s a jam or the traffic is going smoothly, this will help you develop the subtle art of detachment that is the core pillar of zen, brought to you most excitingly, and not only that this simple process will help you relieve anxiety, prevent depression, improve your heart health, increase your memory and much more to come, make this year Musical!

3) Listen to audiobooks: Normally everyone will tell you to read books but we understand your busy life and hence we have a better option that will be very handy for you and that is audiobooks, you can literally listen to those on a casual stroll to the grocery shop, and just 15 minutes of audiobook every day will providing you with the knowledge of around 100 books per year, just imagine how knowledgeable and smart you will become with this, how beautifully your personality will improve, so why not, let the world know the magnificent person you actually are, this year lets make sure you are no longer the same anymore, and just like a caterpillar arises as a beautiful butterfly that the world adores, you also arise as the person everyone will look up to and want to be like, and we know you can and You Will!

4) Exercise Daily: We promised you this isn’t going to be the orthodox advice hence we have another awesome way of exercise that will make you fall in love with it, and that again involves music, and the first step of it is again blasting up those party songs and dancing away till you get tired, we have observed a lot of people and it has been scientifically proven that just 5 minutes of dancing daily can help tremendously improve the quality of your mental health, and your cardiovascular health. So why be shy? Go to the dance floor this year and own it with your moves! And let all the negativity stress and tension be burnt off along with the calories!

5) Get Full Body Check-up: Now for some serious advice and we can stress it more, even the most critical of the diseases can be easily cured if diagnosed early, we generally have a thought process that if a thing is not broken there is no reason to get it checked and this very attitude of us leaves us helpless when the disease emerge with the full force which has been lying dormant for months or even years. Nothing is more important than the health of you and your loved ones, you can’t enjoy the drive of a Ferrari with aching back, so why not take a day out every year so that you can spend the remaining days of the years free of stress knowing that there is no disease lurking deep within you, ready to strike. We at Malla Reddy Narayana have made sure to provide you with the most hassle-free way of getting your annual check-up and you wouldn’t even feel having stayed at a hospital and we also bring out numerous free health check-up camps so this year take a step towards better health.

6) Spend more time with family and friends: For years we have been working day and night so that we can provide our loved ones everything that their hearts desire but we ignore the fact that they need us to, we work to earn the fortune by seldom we ever sit and enjoy our hard work’s rewards with our loved ones, so this year make a promise to yourself to spend more time with your family and cherish each and every moment you have with them and trust us they will love this more than anything.

So here they are, as we promised the most awesome and beneficial new year’s resolutions that can help you transform your life and take it to a level it has never been before. Do try them out and reap the magnificent benefits they have to offer to you!

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