6 Exciting Weight Loss Tips That Are Unique And Fun To Apply
6 Exciting Weight Loss Tips That Are Unique And Fun To Apply

By Malla Reddy Narayana on 30 Dec, 2021

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About 7 out of 10 people in India are obese the main reason being weight loss tips that are available on the internet are either too rigid or are impractical to be followed in real life and the advent of lockdown has only promoted laziness and hence obesity, hence making India rank the 5th among the countries having the most number of obese people, but congratulations! As you are reading this you understand the value of having a proper shape and BMI, hence you have already begun the journey towards a healthy and happy life, here we have curated 6 Exciting weight loss tips that are Fun to apply, so brace yourself for this interesting journey towards a healthy and happy life! But first, let us see how the simple-looking weight can harm us.

Obesity, and why should I Be Worried

1.) Type 2 Diabetes: About 8 out of 10 people who are obese suffer from type 2 diabetes, which intern leads to even more serious complications.

2.) High Blood Pressure: Obese people are prone to suffer from high blood pressure, also known as Hypertension, which puts a lot of pressure on the cardiovascular system.

3.) Heart Diseases: Obesity has very drastic effects on heart health and could lead to very severe complications like heart attack and stroke, but the silver line is reducing just 10 pounds could have a tremendous effect on reducing your risks of suffering from heart diseases.

Not only those Obesity leads to complications like Fatty LiverOsteoarthritisGall Bladder Kidney Diseases hence you can see the degree of seriousness this simple-looking and mostly ignored issue in India possesses.

What are the benefits of Losing Weight

While the consequences of being overweight are more than a reason enough to become health conscious, the benefits are even more alluring, here is the list of the most useful benefits that will take your life to the next level!

1.) Blooming Energy Levels throughout the day

2.) Sharp Intellect and Mental Clarity

3.) Robust Immune system.

4.) Top of world confidence.

5.) Fabulous Physique.

6.) Drastically reduced risk of chronic diseases.

So basically just sacrificing a little comfort of taste and getting a little more active can have unparalleled benefits in all aspects of our life these rewards are something we can enjoy and be thankful for every time we look back. So Let’s get to the main part! Here are the Six Weight loss tips as promised!

6 Exciting and unique weight loss tips

1.) Have a dance-off every day: Dancing is the most fun-filled doorway to a healthy life, 5 mins of dancing accompanied by music, can have incomparable benefits. Dance improves your self-esteem and confidence levels like anything, along with improving muscle tone and strength, while also being a great cardio exercise hence providing us with a robust cardiovascular system. While dancing helps in providing physical benefits, music helps elevate mental health, music has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and stress, elevate your mood and prevent depression, so why not, just for 5 mins daily, blast your favorite playlist and say hello to a life of health!

2.) Water, Water More Water: The benefits of drinking water don’t stop at just being hydrated but it goes far beyond that, it’s observed that carrying a small bottle with you everywhere you go can greatly reduce the amount of food consumption, and since your food consumption drops, so do the excess calories and hence the weight is reduced, It’s like the shortcut to dieting without ever having to go through the excruciating pain of being on a diet.

3.) Sleep to lose weight: Yes! You read it right, sleep to reduce weight. People who don’t get complete sleep have increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol that intern affects the normal functioning of the body, A little increase in the level of this hormone is bearable by the body, but if chronically elevated, This could lead to Cushing’s syndrome, which causes blood sugar levels to remain high all the time, and increase in fatigue, both of which are key factors in promoting weight gain.

4.)  Don’t multitask while eating: We tend to forget about everything while we are engrossed in one thing, and this is very harmful as we wouldn’t even be able to recall how many calories we have consumed during that time. Hence it is Always advised to eat consciously, people generally have a bad habit of overeating while being engrossed in some other work and eating at the same time.

5.) Take the stairs, the best workout: You don’t even have to have a proper time for exercise when you can follow this little rule of taking the steps, Total stairs one climb throughout the day when summed up, proves to carry a heavy weightage, hence reducing the daily time you need to allocate to physical exercise, and even better, climbing at least 2 stairs every day can lead to 6lbs of weight loss over the year.

6.) Eat only when you are hungry: Stop following the age-old tradition of eating as per the clock, while it may be beneficial for those who want to gain weight, following this rule can have an adverse effect when you are planning to cut down the weight, instead, you should only eat when you feel like it, especially eating at night, researches say that eating a lot at night goes against your circadian rhythm, research conducted on 52 adults found that people who ate after 8 p.m. tend to overeat hence resulting in consuming more calories than needed. Your body is capable enough to communicate with you when it needs something, so let it be the indication, not the clock, this tip can have a tremendous impact in the long term, hence worth giving a shot!

These are the 6 tips that are worth giving a shot, and the results will surprise you as to how easy it is the reduce weight and how complicated today’s world had made it seem, these small steps taken consistently can produce massive results in the long term.

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