Ease of home in lockdown now becomes patron of diabetes
Ease of home in lockdown now becomes patron of diabetes

By Malla Reddy Narayana on 6 Dec, 2021

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Lockdown And Diabetes

The lockdown brought upon us by COVID-19 introduced us to something that might have been the best experience for the majority i.e. working from the comfort of your sweet home, but this sweetness isn’t without its backlash. As per the statistics, 1 out of every 12th person in India is diabetic accounting for almost 75 million citizens being diabetic as per the analysis done by the Indian Diabetic Federation (IDF), thus making India the world’s second diabetic hub after China. The fact that is even scarier is that about 52 percent of diabetic cases are undiagnosed, the majority of citizens belonging to the middle and lower-middle class. 

What the statistics reveal

Analysis reveals a serious figure that says by 2045, the percentage of the diabetic population will increase by 46%, and thus making the current time we have even more crucial to prevent this mishap. The diabetics also suffer serious consequences during the COVID and also the lack of physical activity in the lockdown has also served as the cradle of this silent killer which is on the list of the top ten most deadly diseases. The carefree attitude of the general population towards this disease is an alarming issue, in the Indian household people generally tend to avoid getting regular health check-ups unless they are forced to do so by a disease as diabetes is mostly revealed when a patient is sent for tests that are required for any other reason but diabetes.

Preventive measures

The current health system which is established to be a support pillar for the public has become a fear-inducing nightmare for the common man. The basic medical bills are way beyond the affordability for the common masses. If we aim to make India free from this silent killer we need to act now and fast. We at Malla Reddy Narayana understand this very well and hence we bring for you the best and affordable packages and treatment systems for you and your loved ones which you can apply for here

What can you do now

We have carefully analyzed the disease and here we present to you some measures and habits that you can integrate into your lives to drastically reduce the chances of ever coming into the clutches of diabetes.

   1. Maintaining a healthy BMI: Obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle is the key factor for making someone a diabetic patient. A study published in the journal BMJ boldly stated that losing at least 15kg (or 33lbs) and keeping it from regaining for around 6 months has resulted in forcing diabetes into remission. Follow a strict diet plan: Including things like green vegetables, beans, fresh fruits, nuts, and seeds are a game-changer when it comes to controlling and preventing diabetes. A study portrayed a 14% reduction in the risk of diabetes by increasing the green vegetable consumption, whereas 3 servings of fresh fruits per day resulted in an 18% decrease in the risk of getting diabetic, and the consumption of six or more servings of nuts per weeks has shown 28% risk reduction in diabetes as well as 49% reduction in getting heart-related diseases.

    2. Doing regular exercise:  Exercising daily has innumerable benefits when it comes to living a healthy life and in the case of diabetes even the simple yoga poses like fish pose, child’s pose and bow pose prove to be of immense value in protecting yourself from this disease

   3. Proper Healthcare: At last, the most neglected point of all is getting yourself regularly checked so that one can prevent this disease by early symptoms. At Malla Reddy Narayana, we are available 24×7 to provide you with the best in class service so that you and your family can rest assured

In essence, diabetes is a matter of serious concern and it’s up to every individual to take the necessary precautions and adapt to a healthy lifestyle so that in the coming future we free India from becoming the diabetic capital of the world.

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