Everything You Need to Know About Cervical Cancer and How to Be Safe
Everything You Need to Know About Cervical Cancer and How to Be Safe

By Malla Reddy Narayana on 22 Jan, 2022

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The cervix is the lower part of the uterus that connects the body of the uterus That is the part Where the fetus grows to the birth canal. The cervix is made up of two regions That constitute different types of cells.

(a.) Endocervix: The opening of the cervix that leads to the uterus is known as the endocervix, and it is covered with glandular cells.

(b.) Exocervix: This is the outer part of the cervix, observed during medical observation done by doctors

The Region where both of the paths of the uterus meat is known as the transformation zone and this part is the most prone to developing cancer. The main cause of cancer in this area is the human papillomavirus Also known as HPV, the body’s immune system typically can deal with this virus easily but in some individuals, this virus manages to survive for years and slowly contributes to the process of making the cells of this region cancerous hence causing cervical cancer.

What are the symptoms of Cervical Cancer?

Just like most cancers, Cervical cancer does not have any symptoms in the early stage but, as cancer begins to become serious the major symptoms that appear are abnormal vaginal bleeding especially after intercourse and between periods this can also happen after menopause, The bleeding is generally watery and it is heavy with a foul odor.

What causes Cervical Cancer?

Cervical cancer, Just like any other cancer, is caused due to changes or mutation in the structure of the DNA that causes them to divide abnormally. The exact cause of cervical cancer is unknown but what we know currently is that HPV plays a key role in promoting the growth of cervical cancer.

The two cancer-prone areas of the cervix are:

  • (a.) The first type of cancer develops in the lining of the outer cervix, which mostly is made up of squamous cells. This is the region that is generally affected by cervical cancer.
  • (b.) The second type of cancer originates in the glandular cells existing in the cervical canal.

What are the risk factors for Cervical Cancer?

The factors which greatly increases the risks of one getting infected with cervical cancer are as follows:

  • Weak Immunity: The major risk of cervical cancer comes from the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and having a weak immune system puts one at a severe disadvantage, as the body is unable to protect itself from viral infections.
  • Multiple Sexual Partners: Taking part in sexual activity at a premature age or having multiple sexual partners greatly increases the risks of one getting infected with STI’s and since the HPV is a sexually transmitted virus, the odds of one contracting that becomes alarmingly high.
  • Smoking: Smoking is observed to promote cancerous growth in the squamous cells.

What are the preventive measures?

  • (a.) Speak with your medical professional about getting an HPV Vaccine, which can considerably reduce the risk of one getting infected with HPV and intern reducing the chances of getting cervical cancer.
  • (b.) Get routine Pap tests for early detection of precancer symptoms if present and hence be treated before they even get a chance to become severe.
  • (c.) While indulging in sexual activity, always take proper safety measures viz using condoms to minimize the risks of STD’s
  • (d.) Quitting the habit of smoking as soon as possible, it’s going to be beneficial not only for preventing cervical cancer but also in minimizing the risks of getting other life-threatening diseases like lung cancer.

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