Is Monkeypox as contagious as COVID-19? The truth about Monkeypox, symptoms, causes & precautions to take.
Is Monkeypox as contagious as COVID-19? The truth about Monkeypox, symptoms, causes & precautions to take.

By Malla Reddy Narayana on 17 Aug, 2022

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The monkeypox virus, which belongs to the same virus family as smallpox and is what causes monkeypox, although it is considerably less severe and the likelihood of contracting it is low, is what causes monkeypox.

The majority of its occurrences are in isolated regions of central and west African nations that are close to tropical rainforests.

As the name suggests, monkeypox was originally identified in the late 1950s among monkeys employed for laboratory research. However, experts are divided on whether monkeys are the primary animal reservoirs (carriers of the virus), therefore the term might be misleading. Recent research indicates that rodents and other smaller animals are likely the main reservoirs.

In the United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, and other European nations, monkeypox are on the rise. The outbreak is quite minor; to yet, there have been between 100 and 120 confirmed suspected cases in countries like Portugal, Sweden, Italy, France, England, Spain, and Spain. Monkeypox has already spread to India.

Monkeypox is often a mild, self-limiting condition that is transferred by very close contact with an infected person. For the majority of the people, the recovery period is around two weeks. Some people may become ill and need to be admitted to the hospital, but the majority of people are well enough to stay at home if they can safely self-isolate.

The symptoms of monkeys resemble a lot of smallpox, their only point of difference is that the symptoms are milder in the case of monkeypox as compared to smallpox. Monkeypox and chicken pox are unrelated.


Monkeypox symptoms can include

– Fever

– Headache

– Muscle and Backaches

– Swollen Lymph Nodes

– Chills

– Exhaustion

– Blisters around 


Its rare for an individual to catch monkeypox, the main cause of people getting infected with monkeypox involves the following

– Getting in contact with items like bedding and towels of a person already infected with monkeypox

– Directly touching the blisters of an infected person

– Inhaling infected cough or sneezes of a monkeypox patient


While it is believed that monkeypox cannot be sexually transmitted, recent cases have taught us that intimate contact during sexual activity can result in transmission. This could occur if your face, lips, hands, or fingers (or other skin-to-skin contacts during sex) come into contact with lesions from having sex on their bedding or from respiratory fluids exchanged during kissing, sex, or sneezing, or from a monkeypox rash or rash from having sex on their skin.

Usually, the symptoms go away within a few weeks. When you are experiencing symptoms, you can spread monkeypox to others.


For those with severe instances of monkeypox, there are numerous antiviral treatments available. In most cases, monkeypox will go away on its own. It is reassuring to know that very few patients have required hospitalisation and no one has passed away as a result of the illness.

There are no specific medications available to treat infections caused by the monkeypox virus. Antiviral medications used to treat smallpox infections may also be utilised to treat monkeypox infections due to the genetic similarity of the viruses.


1) What are the symptoms of monkeypox?

– Fever Accompanied by chills

– Pain in muscle and back

– Fatigue

– Rash

– Inflammation of lymph nodes


2) How can monkeypox spread?

Direct contact with the rashes of an infected person or inhaling the infected droplets of the patient while coughing or sneezing can lead to infection of monkeypox


3) What is the treatment for monkeypox?

There is no particular treatment for monkeypox however due to its close genetic resemblance with smallpox, the vaccines designed for smallpox can be very effective in providing protection against monkeypox


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