Suspecting A Brain Stroke? Don’t Panic, Here’s How To Act FAST!
Suspecting A Brain Stroke? Don’t Panic, Here’s How To Act FAST!

By Malla Reddy Narayana on 8 Jan, 2022

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Stroke is a condition that happens when the blood supply to the brain is either partially or fully blocked, this may be a result of blockage or rupturing of arteries. Stroke is a Critical Medical Emergency and requires immediate medical assistance. Early and rapid measures are expected in this condition as the brain cells begin to die within minutes, hence every minute can become a deciding factor between life and death.

Key Symptoms Of Stroke

Stoke has certain characteristics symptoms that can help us make a quick decision, which intern can make a difference between life and death. The main symptoms of stroke are as follows

1.) Problem in understanding what people are talking about: If anyone is having a hard time understanding even the simplest of sentences, or is having a problem in speaking properly i.e. having a slurred speech all of a sudden. For confirmation you can ask the person to repeat a simple sentence, if the speech is unclear, It is a key sign of stroke.

2.) Numbness on one side: Be it in the face, arms, or legs, during a stroke, one may experience numbness, extreme weakness, or paralysis, when any of these happen on just one side of the body, it is a sign of stroke. If one wants an even clearer indication they can ask the person to raise both of their arms, if the person has a hard time maintaining the position of any one of their arms, it’s a sign of stroke.

3.) Having blurred vision: Any form of visual distortion like seeing multiple images, vision getting black, images getting blurred suddenly is a sign of stroke.

4.) Headache: Experiencing a sudden, severe headache, accompanied by nausea, dizziness, and loss of consciousness are indications of a stroke.

5.) Trouble Walking: If anyone is having trouble maintaining their balance while walking or standing, accompanied by extreme dizziness and loss of muscle coordination. It’s an indication of a stroke

If multiple symptoms begin to appear in a person, It’s A CRITICAL condition, YOU NEED TO ACT NOW, If you are in Hyderabad, You can contact Us At our Emergency Number 87903-87903 for Immediate Assistance.

What Causes Stroke?

As you now know, Stroke is caused when blood supply to the brain is cut off, Now there can be two ways this can happen, One – A blocked Artery, also known as Ischemic stroke, Second – Bursting or leaking of a blood vessel also known as Hemorrhagic Stroke. Let’s understand these two in detail.

Ischemic Stroke: It is the most commonly occurring stroke. The main reason for this kind of stroke is the brain’s blood vessels become narrowed or blocked, which intern severely reduces the blood supply to the brain (Ischemia) hence the name ischemic stroke. The main reason for the narrowing of the blood vessels is fatty deposits building up in the blood vessels caused by cholesterol, or due to a blood clot that has reached the brain.

Hemorrhagic Stroke: This type of stroke occurs can occur as a result of the rupturing of the blood vessel in the brain, various factors could lead to the rupturing of the vessels in the brain. The most important factors are as follows:-

1.) Unattended High Blood Pressure: Blood pressure higher than 140/90 have a very bad impact on blood vessel and if not maintained properly can lead to stroke.                                           

2.) Heart Diseases: This is the second most important risk factor for stroke, As heart diseases and stroke have a lot of common risk factors.

3.) Diabetes: People having diabetes are at a much higher risk of getting a stroke than healthy people.

4.) Smoking: Smoking has innumerable adverse effects on our body and increasing the risk of stroke is nothing new.

5.) High Cholesterol And Lipids: Cholesterol is the major factor responsible for the thickening and hardening of the arteries.

Other major factors that increase the risk of having a stroke are Obesity, Alcohol Consumption, Lack Of Proper Exercise, and Heredity.

Steps to Prevent Brain Stroke:

1.) Keep Hypertension In Check: Keeping one’s blood pressure under check is the most important step they can take towards preventing brain stroke. Even if one has experienced a stroke before, keeping your pressure at healthy levels can help prevent further cases of Stroke.

2.) Controlling Cholesterol Levels: High cholesterol is the key factor for stroke, Eating less saturated and trans fat, helps reduce the build-up of plaque in arteries, hence lowering the risks of getting a stroke.

3.) Exercise Regularly: 30 minutes of moderate activity daily such as walking, jogging, cycling, etc. helps lower your blood pressure, increases good cholesterol, and improves the health of blood vessels.

4.) Keeping Diabetes in check: Keeping the sugar levels in a healthy range can help one keep a lot of critical diseases at bay and there is no exception when it comes to stroke.

5.) Manage The Body Weight: Being overweight puts one at risk of getting a lot of serious health conditions, and hence it’s very crucial to keep the bodyweight under healthy levels.


Stoke is a critical medical condition requiring urgent medical assistance. It doesn’t matter if one has had a previous occurrence of stroke, following the precautions mentioned would be a great addon, in improving the overall quality of life for everyone.

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