Top 10 Tips To Enjoy This Winter And Keep Illnesses At Bay
Top 10 Tips To Enjoy This Winter And Keep Illnesses At Bay

By Malla Reddy Narayana on 17 Nov, 2022

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It’s October already, and also the time of year when basking in the sunlight becomes the most liberating thing to do. However, besides the festivities and the fun of winter, there is also a fair share of health challenges to tackle. Hence, to make sure you enjoy and live to the fullest, we have brought you this blog containing the most important measures you should take to hit the cold right at its face!

Do regular exercise

While staying in the cosy warm blanket feels like a much more tempting option, one needs to make sure that one gets ample muscle movement to avoid complications like loss of range of motion in joints and a drop in stamina levels. Exercising in the cold can be especially rewarding as it greatly reduces anxiety levels which intern helps you improve the quality of your sleep and the more well-rested the body is the better your quality of life. No need to go outside to exercise as there are plenty of indoor exercises that are sufficient in keeping your overall system healthy. If regular exercise sessions are boring, one can also go for dance cardio sessions or group yoga at home.

Get an ample amount of sleep

With the days getting shorter and nights getting longer, the normal biological clock is disturbed which can lead to irregular sleep patterns. Hence, one should make sure to fix the time of sleep to avoid reducing the overall quality of sleep.

Stay hydrated

It’s normal for a person to feel less thirsty during winter as the amount of water lost from the body decreases significantly, however, one should make sure to drink at least 3 Litres of water every day as it helps in flushing out the toxins from the body, prevents kidney stones, aids in bowel movements and keeps your mood bright throughout the day.

Consume dry fruits

Dry fruits are your best friends in winter, with the drop in temperature of the surrounding, it becomes essential to make sure the body’s temperature is maintained. Dry fruits are not only super rich in nutrients but they also aid in keeping winter illnesses at bay by maintaining the body temperature at a normal level.

Take care of your skin

Basking in the sun during the winter season sure has its fair share of benefits, however, one should make sure to protect their skin at the same time by using sunscreens to prevent the harmful effects of the sun. Having dry cracked skin is very common in winter hence it becomes a must to use proper moisturizers to make sure the skin is always kept in its best state.

Practise mindfulness

The gloomy skies of the winter and long nights might induce the feeling of monotony in an individual hence one should make sure to take special care of their mental health and notice any change in mood patterns. One should contact a specialist if they find themselves losing vigor and having a continuous feeling of being depressed. One can help aid the monotony by talking to their loved ones or picking up a hobby like reading or playing a musical instrument.

Add essential oils to your life

The key to completing the winter wellness plan is incorporating essential oils into the daily routine. Essential oils are a natural remedy that can improve one’s sleep quality, increase your energy and immunity, and even improve the health of the skin. They also enable one to maintain their overall health, both mentally and physically. Being sleepy? Choose ravintsara. Do you require sinus relief? Look to rosewood, ravintsara, and bitter orange leaf just to name a few.

Have a cup of tea

Ancient Chinese people drank tea, and in recent years, its health advantages have come under the spotlight. There are many plant compounds in black and green tea, some of which are flavonoids and have antioxidant properties. According to studies, people who regularly consume tea have healthier blood vessels and a lower risk of developing heart disease. It can be challenging to attribute the benefit to tea consumption alone because many people who drink tea also engage in other beneficial behaviors, such as increasing their vegetable intake and increasing their physical activity. But why not commit to doing all of these good things in winter, such as eating more veggies, making time for tea, and taking daily walks?

Consume seasonal fruits and Vegetables

Mandarins, oranges, grapefruit, and kiwifruit are among the delectable wintertime fruits that are in season. If you haven’t already, try including fruit in your morning meal. You should also increase the number of veggies at each main meal. Winter vegetables like broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower are excellent, especially for soups.

Even while fresh food is preferable, don’t be hesitant to stock your freezer with inexpensive and simple additions to any meal.

Be on the move

Be on the lookout for the weather, if it isn’t pouring, head outside and do some physical activity. You’ll warm up as soon as you start exercising. Look for opportunities to exercise while you’re out and about by walking or cycling to the nearby stores rather than taking the car. Instead of using an escalator, go for the stairs. One can also go on a brisk walk session with their friends and have quality time together.


The above tips are carefully tailored to help you enjoy this winter to the fullest while keeping the diseases at bay and we hope that you’ll integrate these habits into your lifestyle and reap their benefits.

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