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General Medicine Specialist In Hyderabad - Dr G. J. D. Rao

DR G. J. D. Rao

MBBS, MD (General Medicine), Dip. In Diabetics

Sr. Consultant & HOD

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MBBS, MD(Gen), Diploma Diabetology MDRC

Sr. Consultant

The Department of General Medicine at Malla Reddy Narayana Hospital, near Jeedimetla in Suraram,  offers professional medical services in a variety of medical disciplines, such as Oncology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Neurology and Nephrology. The committed medical staff focuses on the early detection, evaluation, and management of adult diseases. They have an in-depth understanding of treating individuals with multisystem or undifferentiated illness processes. The department also employs general practitioners who offer standard medical services like physicals, vaccinations and care for a range of ailments and wounds. With its all-encompassing approach, Malla Reddy Narayana Hospital addresses a variety of hospital-based disciplines, it is regarded as one of Hyderabad’s top hospitals for the practice of general medicine.

In order to maintain good health, the department offers a variety of preventative screening services, such as mammograms, pap smears, regular colon cancer screening evaluations, cholesterol screening, and blood pressure screening. Additionally, they provide interdisciplinary treatment for patients with long-term conditions like emphysema, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Consult with Malla Reddy Narayana Hospitals, General physicians near Suchitra for expert diagnosis and treatment.

The Department of Internal Medicine at Malla Reddy Narayana Hospital is well known for its effective critical care staff and cutting-edge facilities outfitted with the most modern medical technology, communication systems, and information technology. It has one of the best general physician doctors in Hyderabad.

General practitioners (GPs) are essential to the healthcare system because they treat common medical disorders (with the exception of surgery) and, when necessary, send patients to hospitals and specialised medical services. They approach patient care holistically, taking into account the physical, psychological, as well as social aspects of health.

Visit Malla Reddy Narayana Hospital in Suraram, next to Jeedimetla, where the best general physician doctors in Hyderabad offer thorough medical care spanning a variety of specialisations, and receive first-rate healthcare services and compassionate care.


What is general surgery?

The surgical procedures performed on the abdomen, gastrointestinal tract, endocrine system, and other organs are the focus of the medical speciality known as general surgery. To identify, treat, and manage a variety of illnesses, general surgeons carry out a broad range of operations.

What are some common general surgery procedures?

Appendectomy (removal of the appendix), cholecystectomy (removal of the gallbladder), hernia repair, colon surgery, thyroidectomy (removal of the thyroid gland), and breast surgery are some typical general surgery operations. Appendicitis, gallstones, hernias, colon cancer, thyroid problems, and anomalies of the breast are just a few of the illnesses that can be treated with these operations.

How long does a general surgery procedure typically take?

The complexity of the patient and the particular technique can affect how long a general surgery operation takes. While some treatments can be finished in as little as 30 to 60 minutes, others could take several hours.

Is general surgery safe?

General surgery is typically regarded as safe when carried out by trained and skilled surgeons. However, there are dangers associated with any surgical surgery, including bleeding, infection, bad anaesthesia reactions, blood clots, and complications particular to the procedure being performed. Before the procedure, your surgeon will go over these risks with you and take the appropriate steps to reduce them.

What is the recovery period like after a general surgery procedure?

The time required for recuperation following general surgery procedures varies based on the treatment type and the patient. It could necessitate a hospital stay of a few days to a week or longer. To ensure adequate healing and a speedy recovery, the surgeon will give post-operative instructions for wound care, pain management, activity limits, and follow-up appointments.

How can I find a qualified general surgeon?

You might start by requesting a recommendation from your primary care physician to locate a skilled general surgeon. Additionally, you can ask reliable medical experts for recommendations or ask your insurance company for a list of in-network surgeons. Make an informed selection when selecting a surgeon by taking into account their training, credentials, areas of expertise, and patient testimonials.

What are the risks and complications associated with general surgery?

General surgery has some risks and potential complications, much like any surgical operation. These can include organ damage, blood clots, organ infection, bleeding, severe anaesthesia reactions, and post-operative problems particular to the procedure carried out. These hazards will be discussed with you by your surgeon, who will also take the necessary measures to reduce them.

How long will I need to stay in the hospital after general surgery?

The precise treatment, your general health, and how quickly you recover all influence how long you need to recover in the hospital after general surgery. While some surgeries may just take a day or two in the hospital, others may call for a longer stay. Depending on the specifics of your case, the surgeon will give you an anticipated time frame.

Will I have scars after general surgery?

Incisions are used for the majority of general surgical operations, which may leave scars. However, physicians work to reduce scarring by employing strategies like minimally invasive surgery or tiny, undetectable incisions. Taking adequate care of the wounds during the healing process can also lessen the visibility of scars. Your surgeon can offer suggestions on how to treat scars and how to reduce their visibility.

What is general physician Do?

General physicians, also known as general practitioners or family doctors, provide primary healthcare. They diagnose and treat illnesses, offer preventive care and health education, refer patients to specialists, manage chronic conditions, and handle medical emergencies. They are often the first point of contact for patients, providing comprehensive and continuous care throughout their lives. General physicians play a crucial role in maintaining overall health and well-being by addressing a wide range of medical concerns and coordinating specialized care when needed.

Which Hospital has the best general Physicians in Hyderabad?

Malla Reddy Narayana Hospital, Suraram is widely regarded as the top choice when it comes to finding the best general physicians in the city. With a stellar team of experienced and highly skilled doctors, the hospital is known for delivering exceptional medical care and personalized treatment to patients seeking general healthcare services. The hospital’s commitment to excellence and its patient-centric approach make it a preferred destination for those in search of top-quality general physicians in Hyderabad.


Name: Mohammed Moinuddin

Rating: 5

Review: The team of highly qualified surgeons provided excellent care. My father’s treatment was successful, and he is now doing well. Thank you, sir, and the entire team for the outstanding service.

Name: Singhanna

Rating: 5

Review: I would like to express my appreciation for the wonderful experience I had at Malla Reddy Narayana Hospital during my general surgery. Thank you to the entire team for their excellent care.

Name: Vijay Kumar 

Rating: 5

Review: Malla Reddy Narayana Hospital is undoubtedly one of the best hospitals for general surgery in Hyderabad the exceptional care received at Malla Reddy Narayana Hospital make it a top choice for anyone seeking quality healthcare services.