Sr. Consultant

Exp: 15 Years

About Dr. B. Venumadhav

M.S (Orthopaedic)


1. Fellowship in Arthroscopy 2009.

2. Fellowship in Shoulder Arthroscopy 2012 (Deenanath Mangeskar Hospital PUNE) Travelling

3. Fellowship in Advanced Arthroscopy (Bankok 2019)

Awards & Honours:

1. Best clinical paper AP-Ortho con-2008

2. Faculty in Arthroscopy lecture UPCON-2011

3. Faculty in many C M E S conducted in Hyderabad


1. Senior Consultant in for sports injuries conducted more than 1000 Arthroscopy ACL Reconstruction.

2. Conducted more than 200 shoulder Arthroscopy surgeries.

3. Performed more than 5000 trauma surgeries including Acetabulum, pelvis, and polytrauma

Position Head:

1. Consultant in Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital Hyd-2010-2015.

2. Ex Registrator Satya sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences.

3. Senior consultant in Malla Reddy Narayana Hospital 2016- present.


4 Original publication in Journals.