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Dr Thumu Mahesh Kumar - Interventional Radiology


Exp: 12 Years

Dr. Thumu Mahesh Kumar


Awards And Honors:

  1. Honoured with the 1st position for Best Poster in ISVIR National Conference, Kolkata 2017
  2. Awarded 2nd Best Oral Case presentation in the National ISVIR Complication Meet, 2018
  3. Invited as faculty for the National ISVIR Conference held at Lucknow to throw light on how to deal with various complications in venous interventions.


  1. Eminent endovascular interventional consultant with profound clinical research and academic experience.
  2. Expert in major vascular interventions including abdominal angiographic procedures.
  3. Experienced in advanced interventions:
    • Specially trained with high technical skills in minimally invasive vascular and non-vascular gastrointestinal interventions including PTBD, PCDs, and PCN.
    • USG/CT guided biopsies.
    • Percutaneous pancreatic necrosectomy.
    • Minimally invasive placement of metallic stents in in-operable cholangiocarcinoma and pancreatic malignancies.
    • Dealing with emergency vascular bleeds, and angioembolization.
    • Venous interventions: treating Budd-Chiari syndrome- IVC and HV stenting, thrombolysis, thrombectomy, IVC filters.
    • TIPS and BARTO.
    • Specially trained in locoregional treatment of hepatic malignancies including RFA and TACE, portal vein embolization.
    • Specially trained in advanced post-liver transplant interventions.
    • Acute DVT and acute pulmonary thrombectomy.


  1. Been a co-author in Venous interventions.
  2. Endovascular management in Budd-Chiari syndrome, published in the Indian Journal of Gastroenterology.
  3. Presently working on various ongoing research on advanced locoregional therapy in hepatic tumours, GI bleeds, and benign biliary strictures.
  4. Presented various papers at both national and international conferences.
  5. Recently presented a paper in ICCIR 2018, Austria(Europe).