Sr. Consultant

About Dr Sambasiva Rao

MBBS, MD, DM(cardiology), FESC


  • Fellow of ESC
  • Member of CSI


  1. Senior residency in Osmania General Hospital(2017-2018).
  2. Junior consultant at Malla Reddy Narayana Hospital(2018-2019)
  3. Consultant at SGL Hospital(2019-2020).
  4. Consultant at Usha Mullapudi Cardiac Centre (2020-2021).
  5. Consultant at Sunshine Hospital(2021-2022).
  6. SS Heart Care Clinic(Suchitra Circle).


  1. Cardiac catheterization.
  • Performed more than 10,000 diagnostic cardiac catheterizations as a first operator. Experienced in operating from both the femoral and radial approaches.
  • Performed more than 5000 PTCA as a primary operator(400 are primary PTCA); Type C lesions PTCA and complex PTCA.
  • Worked as 1st assistant in more than 15 percutaneous balloon mitral valvotomy procedures.
  • Permanent pacemaker implantation procedure.
  1. Transthoracic echocardiography.
  • Performed and reported over 5000 two-dimensional and doppler echocardiograms, including pediatric echocardiograms as well.
  1. Transesophageal echocardiography.
  • Performed and reported over 150 transesophageal studies; Have been present during many procedures like PBMV and device closures.


Senior consultant interventional cardiologist at Malla Reddy Narayana Hospital