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Best ENT Hospital in Hyderabad

Mallareddy Narayana ENT department is the group of otolaryngologists who are specialized in treating ear, nose, throat related issues, infections, or diseases.

ENT Specialists Treats:

  1. Ear: Our specialists treat ear disorders, hearing loss, infections, Tinnitus and we are having an ENT expert team who will give proper medication and excellent track record in-ear relate surgeries.
  2. Nose: Our Nasal experts provide the best treatment for chronic rhinorrhoea or runny nose, Nasal obstruction, Nasal Mass, Sinusitis, and Nosebleed.
  3. Throat: We have advance treatment for Sleep apnea, Tonsillitis, voice disorders, vocal cord dysfunction, vocal card lesions, vocal card paralysis, swallowing problems, Drooling, Velopharyngeal insufficiency, and tongue tie.

Our Treatments



Nasal Airway Obstructions