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Why Take a Second Opinion?

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Patients may frequently feel puzzled and anxious after receiving a diagnosis of a serious disease. Sometimes, proceeding with treatment immediately may not be the right course of action. It is always wise to reconfirm the diagnosis and consider the options for treatment from a different doctor’s perspective. Getting a second opinion could make a major difference in diagnosis or it could remain the same. But why take a chance?


At Malla Reddy Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, we are offering Free Second Opinions and consultations with highly experienced and renowned doctors across multiple specialties. Our focus would be mainly to review the diagnosis, investigate the results, and help you make the right decision.

Process for Second Opinion

Our procedure for getting a Second Opinion is made hassle-free.

Step 1 – Walk-in for Second Opinion

Directly walk in and get your reports reviewed on priority through a video consultation.

Step 2 – Expert Consultation

Our doctors would review your report, rediagnose your condition and give you a detailed breakdown of the existing diagnosis.

Step 3 – Feedback

Our doctors would then provide necessary feedback and how you could proceed with the treatment.

Specialities Covered


Best Cardiologist In Hyderabad - Dr Prakash Ajmera

Dr. Prakash Ajmera

MBBS, MD (General Medicine), DNB (Cardiology), FACC, FSCAI

Sr. Consultant
Best Cardiologist In Hyderabad - Dr Kamal Kumar Chawla

Dr. Kamal Kumar Chawla

MBBS, MD (Gen Medicine), DM (Cardiology)

Sr. Consultant

Dr Sudhakara Rao

MBBS, MS (General Surgery), M.Ch (Cardio-Thoracic Surgery), FIACS

Sr. Consultant & HOD
Best Cardic Thoracic Surgen In Hyderabad - Dr Anand Kumar Agarwal

Dr Anand Kumar Agarwal

MBBS, FRCS (Glasco), M.Ch (Cardio-Thoracic Surgery), FRCS (CTH)

Sr. Consultant

Dr. S Vengal Reddy

MBBS, MS (General Surgery), M.Ch (Cardio-Thoracic Surgery), FIACS

Sr. Consultant


Best Neuro Surgen In Hyderabad - Dr Maidu Mahesh Kumar

Dr. Maidu Mahesh Kumar

DNB, M.Ch. (Nuerosurgery)


Dr. G. Srihari

MBBS, MS (General Surgery), M.Ch

Sr. Consultant

Dr. H. Sharan Basappa

MBBS, MS (General Surgery), DNB

Consultant Dept. & General Surgery


Dr V M Sankar Reddy



Dr. J Swapna

MBBS, DNB (Radiation Oncology), ECMO



Dr. R. Anjani Kumar

M.S (Orthopaedic)

Sr. Consultant

Dr.  B. Venu Madhav

M.S (Orthopaedic)

Sr Consultant

Platforms for Second Opinion

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Walk-In Consultation 

Online doctor and telemedicine: woman connecting with a doctor online using a smartphone app and having a professional medical consultation

Virtual Consultation

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Phone Consultation

Patient Testimonials

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I was fortunate to have the chance to receive a Second Opinion from specialists at Malla Reddy Narayana Hospital their professional judgement helped me validate my treatment and take the right decision.

Hand of doctor reassuring her female patient. Medical ethics and trust concept

I’ve spent the last three weeks dealing with a rare diagnosis. Treatment alternatives seem excessive and disproportionately severe given the diagnosis. I took a Free Second Opinion at Malla Reddy Narayana and got to understand the true nature of the issue the doctors suggested me the best course of action. The pressure to financially decide and take treatment quickly has been lowered because of this.


What is second opinion?

You might get a second opinion from a different physician, surgeon, or specialist when presented with challenging medical treatments and options. A second medical opinion might assist in confirming a diagnosis or discussing different treatments to aid in improved decision-making. When facing significant or life-threatening health conditions, getting a second medical opinion might allay worries. To start proper medical therapy as quickly as feasible, a second medical opinion should be requested as soon as the initial appointment is completed.

When should one get second opinion?

In the following circumstances, you ought to get a second opinion:

  • Your primary care physician is preparing an experimental course of treatment for you because your condition is deadly or life-threatening.
  • If the diagnosis is ambiguous or if you have too many illnesses,
  • Your family physician isn’t a specialist.
  • Treatment, as it is now, is unsuccessful.
  • Numerous alternatives for treatment.
  • Initial consultation determined the disease was incurable.
  • You require affirmation.

How to get a second opinion?

If your doctor hasn’t already referred you, start by asking about getting a second opinion from a specialist. But if you’ve already seen a specialist, seek out someone with a background and qualifications that are comparable. As an alternative, you can request a recommendation for a specialist for a second opinion from your insurance provider, a nearby medical professional, a clinic, or a hospital. To discuss your diagnosis and available treatments, you can also look for doctors and surgeons online.

Is second opinion free?

At Malla Reddy Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, we are offering Free Second Opinions and consultations with highly experienced and renowned doctors across multiple specialties. Our focus would be mainly to review the diagnosis, investigate the results, and help you make the right decision.




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